Monday, April 02, 2007

Hymns in Translation VII

Concluding our presentation of the many ways in which a Welsh hymn has been rendered into English.. I am indebted to Mr. Geraint Jones of Heath Christian Bookshop for this composite translation, using the best elements of each translation:

In heav'n at God's bright throne of glory
The streams of our joyfulness spring;
For there has ascended the Saviour,
And there intercedeth the King:
The blood which was sprinkled up yonder,
Which full statisfaction did give,
Is there by the throne sweetly pleading
That we, the transgressors, might live.
Ere long we'll ascend from the desert
To Paradise, home of the blest,
And there shall our spirits, so weary,
Repose on God's bosom and rest:
There we shall find refuge eternal
From sin, from affliction and pain,
And unto the ages unending
We'll feast on the love of the Lamb.
We'll view from the fair hills of Salem
Our path through the wilderness here,
And then all the steps of the journey
In heav'n's perfect light will be clear;
We'll gaze at the tempests and terrors,
The grave, and grim death, now all o'er,
While safe from their reach ever swimming
In God's love and peace evermore.



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