Friday, March 30, 2007

Preaching this coming Lord's Day.

God willing, I shall be preaching at Barrow Strict Baptist Chapel (Cave Adullum) on the Lord's Day. This will be my second visit to Barrow.
The Church is only about fourteen years old, but the chapel over 150. It was built by a congregational Church that is now extinct. There is a plate in the chapel (yes, the sort you eat food off) from the Congregational centenary in 1938. By the time the Strict Baptists bought it, the chapel had become derelict. Now it has been restored to something like its former glory. The chapel is a neat building in the Gothic style (meaning that it has pointy windows) with a very large pulpit for such a small building. The Pulpit is original. The Church is friendly, welcoming, and firmly in the historic Strict Baptist tradition of William Gadsby and J.C. Philpot.
Services this coming Lord's Day will be at 11 AM and 2:30 PM, God willing. The congregation is usually about twenty.

(Illustration: Bury St. Edmunds Station, nearest rail station to Barrow)



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