Monday, March 26, 2007

Hymns in Translation: VI

Continuing our presentation of the many ways in which a wonderful Welsh Hymn has been rendered into English:

From life's dreary desert ascending
To paradise, realm of the blest;
My soul filled with gladness transcending
On Jesus' Calm bosom shall rest,
Rejoicing in safety supernal-
From sin, and affliction, and pain -
Extolling in antems eternal
The love of the lamb that was slain.
From Salem's fair heights we shall witness
Our way through the dester of life,
And then we shall see the sweet fitness
Of all its strange sorrows and strife:
Its storms shall we see and its fears,
And death-from the mansions above-
When, safe from its terrors and tears,
We revel in peace and in love.
Rev. Gethin Davies


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