Monday, March 19, 2007

Hymns in Translation V

Continuing our examination of the ways in which a Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Hymn has been rendered into English. The illustration is of the sadly battered and derelict Hount Hermon Wesleyan Chapel, Splott Bridge.
To us from the desert ascending
God giveth in paradise rest;
Our soul after weary contending
Shall peacefully lean on his breast:
There we shall escape from affliction,
From sin with its shame and its pain;
Enjoying the full benediction,
The love of the Lamb that was slain.
From the hills of the Beautiful City
The way of the desert is clear;
What joy will there be in reviewing
The journey's meanderings here!
To look on the storms as they gather,
On terrible death and the grave;
While we shall be safe with the Father,
In peace on love's shadowless wave.
Translation unknown



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