Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday Quote : Thomas Chalmers - Bible Versions

"Take all the English translations, either of the whole Bible or different books of it, and collate them with our Authorized Version - only excepting those which have been executed for a sectarian purpose, and so of course the version of the Unitarians [today we might say the New World Translation] - and then tell us, if you can, what the doctrinal amount is of all the variations which have been submitted to you. In some you may miss a few proof-passages for one or other of the doctrines, but not so as to expunge these doctrines from Christianity, for there still remains in each translation an abundant testimony in their favour. In other words, through these different media you look substantially to one and the same Bible, and recognize in each the same orthodoxy, or the same credenda and the same agenda in all of them"

- 'Institutes of Theology' (New York, Harper and Brothers, 1849), Vol. 2 Pp. 22-3.



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