Monday, March 05, 2007

Hymns in Translation IV

Continuing a series presenting English translations of the same Welsh hymn by David Charles.

1. Caught up from the wilds of the desert
To Paradise, home of the blest,
Our souls, all the weariness over,
In peace on God's bosom shall rest;
And we, in that refuge eternal,
From sin, tribulation, and pain,
Shall cherish for ever and ever
The love of the Lamb that was slain.
2. From Salem's far heights we shall witness
Our course in the wilderness here,
Each phase of our life shall be present,
Our spirits to gladden and cheer,
Tho' tempests and fears come before us,
The grave from its troubling shall cease,
For we shall be safe from all danger,
At large in the ocean of peace.
Translator unknown.



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