Friday, March 30, 2007

John Pugh XXIII: 'Glimmers of Twilight'

As the revival tide ebbed, it seemed that an era was drawing to an end. In 1904, John Thomas, Pastor at Heath, had been appointed assistant to John Pugh. The difficulties of the Movement increased as a number of stalwarts passed from the scene, Richard Lloyd-Jones and Dr. William James of Manchester, prominent clerical supporters, and Richard Davies, Bodlondeb, a wealthy man who gave freely of his fortune. Shortly after Pugh'd death, John Cory would also be called home. Money was tight, and that bowed Pugh down.

In early 1906, John Pugh and his wife travelled to the Holy Land. Pugh, who would soon stand in the halls of the Heavenly Jerusalem, saw the domes and minarets of the Old. As we have seen, Pugh attended the laying of the foundation stones at Heath Hall in April 1906, while in September of that year, Pugh was at the opening of the Pierce Hall, the schoolroom of Crwys Hall. As winter came, so Pugh began to fade. He ignored Doctor's orders to preach one more time, in Acrefair, where he preached on II Corinthians 13.5: 'Examine yourselves whether you be in the faith.' After this, he was confined to home.

His last public words appeared in the March 1907 edition of The Torch:

"The Prince of Peace is with us in our attempt to rescue perishing humanity. Must we go back? The cry from Liverpool. London, Bristol and from two dozen densely populated areas in Glamorgan and Monmouthshire for the help of the Forward Movement is heart rending to those who know their moral and spiritual needs. Are we to retreat owing to lack of funds? Some of the most talented and Spirit filled ministers have joined our ranks recently. We need more. With loyal support and the cheer of God's people we won't go back."

Visits from Seth Joshua served to lift Pugh's spirits, as the old soldiers reminisced. Pugh knew that soon he would be called to meet the Lord he had served so tirelessly.



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