Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Forthcoming Banner of Truth Titles.

The Banner of Truth Trust remains the best publisher in the United Kingdom for historic Christian books. If more proof were needed, here it is. The forthcoming publication of the 1853 volume of Thomas Chalmers' letters, edited by William Hanna and with a new introduction by Iain Murray gives every reader of Hanna's biography of Chalmers an extremely important and previously rare supplementary volume.
Thomas Chalmers is a particular favourite of ours, and though we think Iain Murray has, in some of his previous publications, 'papered over' some of Chalmers' theological eccentricities, we are overjoyed to see that the reprinting of this volume is forthcoming. God willing, we shall review it here when we have obtained and read a copy.

As if the Chalmers volume were not enough, Iain Murray's short biography of Professor John Murray of Westminster Seminary is now available in a separate form. We find the writings of this Reformed stalwart to be of great help wherever he writes. Hitherto this excellent biography of Professor Murray has only been available to those who have the means to purchase the four-volume set of Professor Murray's collected shorter writings. Now it is to be published in a separate form as a paperback. We hope that in this form Iain Murray's work will reach those who are unable to puchase Professor Murray's collected works.

And the Banner of Truth have also announced a reprinting of the Scottish Covenanter David Dickson's commentary on the Westminster Confession of Faith entitled 'Truth's Victory over Error'. All lovers of the historic Reformed doctrine taught in that Confession will, we are sure, find this book invaluable. Since the old heresies just keep on cropping up over and over again we are sure the errors detected by Dickson in the 17th century will have their proponents today. Again, a review will appear, God willing, when we have obtained the book.
Lovers of Scottish Church history and Scottish theology have nothing to complain about with the Banner of Truth Trust!



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