Friday, July 24, 2009

Coleg Trefeca

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit Coleg Trefeca in Breconshire. Coleg Trefeca, known in English as Trefeca Colleg, was for many years a training college of the Calvinistic Methodists. Today it is the lay training centre of the Presbyterian Church of Wales.Coleg Trefeca is located in the buildings formerly occupied by Howell Harris and his Trefeca 'family', a sort of Christian community who were practically self-sufficient. The 'family' built the structures seen here, although they have been somewhat modified in the course of the 19th century.The building today has two wings flanking the central entrance. Originally the wing in this picture was a tower, but the upper floor has been removed.The further wing is still more or less as it was built, with the original Georgian 'Gothick' windows.The back of the college is built on to Howell Harris' house, in which many of the leaders of the Great Awakening in the 18th century stayed.Now the warden's house, the details on Howell Harris' house are neo-classical, not Gothick. The elegant house speaks of Harris' social standing by the end of his life.More of Harris' house, and the college. It is a beautiful location to study, as well as a pleasant place for a home.There is a small Howell Harris museum in the college buildings. Among other things, it contains Howell Harris' pulpit. Its rather unusual appearance is due to the fact that it was made of re-used 16th or 15th century timber, probably discarded during renovations at a Church. This is a portable pulpit made from iron and wood. George Whitefield preached from it at the opening of the Countess of Huntingdon's College at Trefeca, which was just down the road from Harris' house.
This is the monument for Harris that used to stand in the now-demolished Memorial Chapel on the site. Harris was God's instrument in revival, a preacher of the Gospel. But Harris would point up upwards to his God.
Coleg Trefeca is available for hire to Church and other Christian groups, and also offers bed-and-breakfast at a very reasonable rate for Christians visiting the area.

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Anonymous William Wilson said...

Hi Gervase very good pictures of Coleg Trefeca as i have recieved information from them before.I need to ask you to remember us tomorrow at the Protest aginst this pride march which is taken place in the city of Norwich and their will be a Peaceful christian protest and open air at the back of St Peter's mancroft church facing the forum at 12noon.So do let me know how your first review preaching at the Bethel Evangelical church went by email.And hope that you got my last emails i sent you.Well hope that you have a good Lord's day on sunday.
I know that i am a great sinner and that christ is a Great Saviour. John Newton.So remember that i will be arriving down to abba on the 8th July and will text you to arrange to meet in tabor.

12:49 pm  
Blogger Highland Host said...

William. I am leaving Wales to-morrow, I will not be in Wales on 28th

9:02 pm  
Anonymous William Wilson said...

So Gervase does this mean that youyr time in Tabor is up and that you are back in Norfolk.Do text me and let me know please.
Yours in his true grace of our lord.I know that i am a great sinner and that Christ is a great Saviour.John Newton

7:38 am  
Anonymous William Wilson said...

Dear Gervase what i ment is that not next sat but the following Sat 9th August i will be arriving in Abba with the fox family for the English Confrence and hope that you would still be in south of wales but you said you where leaving wales tomorrow does this mean that you will not be in wales in the week of the Abba Confrence.So can you at somtime email me or send me a text. I was looking forward to meeting up with you when i was in Wales.
Yours in his true grace of our lord. I know that i am a Great Sinner and that Christ is a Great Saviour. John Newton.

6:15 pm  
Blogger John said...

Great pictures and what heritage this place has.

11:54 pm  

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