Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Forthcoming Attraction from Christian Focus publications

Christian Focus Publications has announced the long-awaited third volume of the series The Westminster Confession into the 21st Century, edited by Ligon Duncan, will be published in July. The two previous volumes in this series have been extremely intersting and useful to those in a Reformed context. Full details here. With essays on Karl Barth, the New Perspective on Paul, and the nature of the Lord's Supper included among the contents of this book, it looks well worth taking a look at. Unless I am sent a review copy by the magazine that I write book reviews for (which I may well), I shall be buying this book myself, God willing.
The Christian Focus list price is £22.99. Once again my advice to use a local Christian bookshop, and not Amazon or even Christian Focus unless you really have to, stands.

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Blogger Jonathan Hunt said...

We don't have a good local bookshop so I am gladly getting cheaper prices on Amazon...

11:30 am  
Blogger Highland Host said...

And I'm waiting for a review copy, so there we go!

11:46 am  
Anonymous William Wilson said...

Good work Gervase on the book review on the chiristian focus book about the Westminister Confession of faith.I have been watching the P.C.Live Assembly on twistter and found alot of things interesting. So have a good day. Thanks for remembering me for tomorrow.
I know that i am a Sinner and christ is a saviour.Amen

11:48 am  

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