Monday, June 08, 2009

Another forthcoming Attraction

Every year sees a number of good books coming out from Christian publishers. In July we have another book coming out that looks worth reading, Revival on the Causeway Coast by Nicholas M. Railton, is a history of the 1859 revival in the district and town of Coleraine in Northern Ireland. As a new contribution to teh study of the 1859 Ulster revival, this will, I hope, be a welcome addition to the literature on revival. On the Christian Focus site, we find this quote from Railton:
“At the centre of the revival message stood Christ, the Eternal Son of God, and His work of redemption on the cross of Calvary. His saving works then, His sanctifying work now, His work of judgement in the future. Jesus is portrayed
not simply as a good teacher or prophet, but as the Lord of history who is coming back soon. He is the One who has conquered death and the devil; His followers are part of a conquering band, marching to a better land.”

This is the message we need today in the Church, of Jesus as who He really is, not what some fashionable preacher thinks we need Him to be!

Revival on the Causeway Coast is priced at £7.99. Full details here, but please buy from a local Christian bookshop if you can.

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Anonymous William Wilson said...

Good Book review on the 1859 Ulster Revival by Nicholas Railton who was a good man in them days.So keep up the Lord Good work.And i like it and hope to Get the Book at sometime.
Yours in his true Grace of our Lord.

1:25 pm  
Anonymous William Wilson said...

Hi Gervase i hope that you are well as i have not seen any new stuff from your blog. Do let me know if anything is ok with you.Yours in his true grace of our Lord.
I know that i am a sinner and that Christ is a great Saviour. John Newton.

12:51 pm  

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