Friday, February 23, 2007

Preaching this coming Lord's Day.

This coming Lord's Day, God willing, I shall be preaching at the Tabernacle Baptist Church, Great Park Street, Wellingborough. This is not to be confused with the Methodist Church across the road, although anyone who did that would end up VERY confused.
The Wellingborough Tabernacle (in its present form) is just over one hundred years old and the home of an older Baptist Church (they still have the old chapel as well, but that's now their hall). A plain exterior conceals a splendid interior with gallery and pipe-organ, all donated to the Church by a deacon and local brewer in about 1900.
There was a bit of a dispute at the time about whether or not the Church ought to accept a chapel built using the proceeds of brewing. But beer is a good old English drink designed to refresh, not to intoxicate. Had the man been a distiller we would think very differently!!!

For those who do not know where Wellingborough is (and there's no reason you should, after all), it is in Northamptonshire, the map shows its surroundings.

STRIKE ACTION planned for part of the route I shall be travelling, if the Lord wills, to-morrow, has been called off.



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