Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Trivial fact.

Our brother Hiraeth has just posted on D. R. Davies' time at Holy Trinity, Brighton. This reminded me that a former minister of Holy Trinity, Brighton (before the Gothic front was put on what was originally an Italianate church), was F.W. Robertson, of whom 'Rabbi' Duncan said: "Robertson believed that Christ did something or other, which, somehow or other, had some connection or other with salvation."

Robertson, once an evangelical (and for a brief time curate at St. Ebbe's, Oxford, embraced a more 'liberal' position around 1846, the year before he came to Brighton.

And Robertson was incredibly popular! This tells us that there has always been a desire for what Duncan also called 'Spurious spirituality'. Beware of it, it is extremely dangerous.


Blogger Hiraeth said...

According to Davies, the notorious R. J. Campbell also served there. I suspect it had something with Brighton being a 'preaching church.'

It is now closed.

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