Monday, February 19, 2007

Hymns in Translation: Two

Last Monday, I presented a translation of a Welsh Hymn that was sung at the funeral of Dr. Lloyd-Jones. Today, I reproduce another translation of the same hymn:

1. The River of Joys Everlasting
Proceeds from the glorious white throne
Where Jesus our Lord has ascended,
Who there intercedes for His Own:
The Blood on that Throne that was sprinkled
For us satisfaction did give;
And there through the ages it speaketh
That we, the transgressors, should live.
2. Ere long we'll ascend from the desert
And reach the fair land of the blest,
And there shall our spirits, so weary,
Repose on God's spirit and rest:
Salvation from sin and from sorrow
Will e'er be experienced above,
And all will be feasting for ever
On Jesus' unspeakable love.
3.We'll view from the mountains of Canaan,
Our path through the wilderness here;
And then all the steps of the journey
In heaven's perfect light will be clear:
We'll think of the tempests and terros,
Of death and the Grave, now all o'er,
And we from all harm ever resting
In God's perfect peace evermore.
David Charles, Tr. W. Edwards.



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