Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday Quote : Thomas Chalmers - The Wrath and righteousness of God

"The wrath [of God] is not an element framed or fermented upon eart. It is concieved in heaven; and thence it cometh down on the unrighteousness of men as the subject of it. And as with the wrath of God, so it is with the righteousness of God; it also cometh down from heaven in the shape of a descending ministration. It is no more the righteousness of man in the one case than it is the wrath of man in the other. It is affirmed here, and most prominently referred to in other parts of the epistle [to the Romans], as the righteousness of God. The wrath has its origin in the breast of the Divinity; and it goeth forth from an upper storehouse, from a quarter above our world and foreign to our world; and all that the world furnishes is the reservoir into which it is poured - the unrighteousness and ungodliness of men, which form the fit subjects for its application. And there is not an individual man who is not a fit subject of it. The wrath is unto all unrighteouness; and there is none who has not fallen into some unrighteousness. All who do these things are worthy of death; and there is not a human creature who has not done one or more of these things.

"But there is a way, it would appear, in which they who are thought worthy of death and are under the wrath of God, may nevertheless be made to live. They die by the wrath of God being inflicted upon them; they live by the righteousness of God being administered to them. The one is as much the renderin of a foreign application as the other."

'Lectures on the Epistle to the Romans' Vol. 1 Pp. 65-66.



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