Monday, November 06, 2006

Housekeeping notes:

(Illustrated: Free St. George's Church, Edinburgh)

Free St. George's moves slowly forward towards its first birthday. The format is pretty much the same, multi-part essays on Scottish Church History enlivened by Hiraeth's essays on Welsh Church History. Our 'Monday Quote' feature is done by me for two reasons: 1. I'm the editor; 2. Hiraeth hasn't asked to do one yet. He's allowed to, though.

Keen-eyed readers will notice a few changes in the sidebar. First of all, three new blogs linked to. Firstly Kim Riddlebarger's blog finally got noticed. Secondly Martin Downes' 'Against Heresies' is now featured where the now-defunct 'Lame World View' used to be. I went to University not too far from Deeside Evangelical Church, and the blog's content interested me.
Thirdly 'Screw Loose Change' is featured, despite the occasional use of profanity by posters there. It isn't a Christian blog, but before I was converted I had some interest in conspiracy theories. Screw Loose Change is dedicated to proving concerning the 9/11 conspiracy theories are, like all other conspiracy theories, bunk.
Fourthly, the last blog on the blogroll is now 'The Vengeance of the Green Man', a fairly diverting adventure fiction blog that occasionally publishes some very funny 'Sunday Supplements' satirising some of the oddball elements of contemporary Christianity.
Fifthly, having found Russell Moore's guest host appearances on the Albert Mohler programme so diverting, we now link to the Henry Institute, his website.
Sixthly, the churches links are still growing. They are not, nor are they intended ever to be, a comprehensive list of sound church websites in the UK. The list is highly idiosyncratic and personal.

And finally, pictures are back. Fuzzy, but back. Hiraeth wasn't going to get all the good graphics. Although admittedly some posts are hard to illustrate.

UPDATE: Old Truth, Calvinist Gadfly and Fide-o have also been added to the blogroll.


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