Monday, October 30, 2006

Monday Quote - III.

[In light of the series on A. B. Taylor currently running it was decided that this Monday's quote would be from one of his sermons in 'The Manchester Pulpit'. This quotation comes from No. 22 'Paul's Prayer for the Saints' Grown in Grace' (October 1862). The words and punctuation are given as they occur on the page.]

"The enemy of souls often attempts to darken the enlightened understanding, but fails in his purpose, which is totally to blind and damn the soul that bears the image of the Son of God. The attempts to put out the light of the eyes, is perhaps one that seems most likely to succeed in leading one from the narrow way; but the enemy of souls cannot do it, for the 'wayfaring men, though fools, shall not err therein.'
"Many of the dead preachers of the day attempt in ignorance to extinguish this light, and by false glosses put upon the word of God attempt to darken the understandings of the children of light. But O how vain the attempt to put out the light of the eternal God from an understanding heart. Sooner might a dying mortal stop the light of the sun from shining on our earth. O Christian, let your light shine before men, now that life and immortality are brought to light in your soul and understanding. In attempting to put out this light, the body may be destroyed; but the Lord says they have no more power; that is as far as they can go, as much as they can do; therefore fear them not. Poor child of faith, you sometimes conclude, that your own vile heart will extinguish even the light of your understanding, and all the graces you have ever experienced. If anything could do it, the abomination of the heart is the most likely, for it is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked, and cannot be known. But it cannot be done; and therefore when in our right minds, we adore, because, 'the righteous shall hold on his way.'"

(The Manchester Pulpit, 1862, P. 157)



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