Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tom Nefyn Williams: A Warning from History 1.

Last week, I was staying in Aberystwyth to do some research on the Tom Ellis and D.A. Thomas Papers. I stayed in a large building on the promenade, formerly the United Theological College of the Presbyterian Church of Wales. This Church, formerly the Calvinistic Methodist Church. It was the first time in all my visits to Aberystwyth that I had a view of the sea. As I sat in the little room, I felt an overwhelming feeling of 'hiraeth', of longing. So I walked in the hills and thought of the world within a world that is 'Aber'. And I began to think of those students who had sat in that room, prayed and read their Bibles, as I was doing. And the coldness which had closed this once-fine institution.

Not to mention one of the college's most infamous students. Tom "Nefyn" Williams. It is his case that I intend, God willing, to address. A sad case of what havoc a liberal theological college can wreak. The series starts tomorrow, and I ask every reader to pray for Wales as they read it.



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