Friday, January 16, 2009

Preaching this Coming Lord's Day

God willing, this coming Lord's Day I shall be preaching at Pollard Evangelical Church, London road, Kettering, Northamptonshire. Pollard currently has only one Lord's Day meeting, at 11AM. Pollard is an independent Reformed Baptist Church located close to the town centre.

Kettering ought to be familiar to those of a Reformed Baptist disposition, as it was the birthplace of Dr. John Gill, probably the greatest Baptist scholar of his age, and the scene of much of the ministry of Andrew Fuller. I intend to take my new camera to Kettering, and hopefully I shall have some interesting historic Kettering pictures, such as the Parish Church where Dr Gill did not go. These will be posted on the Strict and Particular blog. Or an apology for their not being there may be, as I shall be traveling there by train, and you never know with the trains. Or maybe this paranoia about delayed trains is the result of my current job dealing with compensation for train delays.



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