Saturday, May 17, 2008

Preaching this coming Lord's Day

God wiling, this coming Lord's Day I shall be preaching at the historic Salhouse Baptist Church, Chapel Loke, Salhouse. Services are at 11.00 and 2.30. Those who cannot tell which is the morning service and which the afternoon are not safe to be out alone anyhow.



Blogger Jonathan Hunt said...

So long as there is food in between the services we don't care...

5:15 pm  
Blogger Jonathan Hunt said...

Is any of your preaching online anywhere? I was wondering if you might fancy a jaunt to CHeltenham at some point in the future?


12:26 pm  
Blogger Highland Host said...

Certainly up for it. There's a link in the sidebar under the Audio section that reads 'Some of the Highland Host's Sermons', which links to two of my sermons on Other sermons of mine can be found on the New Life Bible Presbyterian website ( on 27th Jan and 24th February. I got slightly carried away on the evening of the 24th of Feb, so that one's rather long.

4:28 pm  

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