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Ministers Behaving Badly. The Mark of the Beast

Dr. William B. Robertson was the pastor of Trinity United Presbyterian Church, Irvine, Ayrshire. Illustrated is the interior of his church, now sadly derelict. Trinity Church was built for him in 1863, replacing a previous building used by the congregation. A staunch Calvinist, Robertson's lecturing on Calvinism made the doctrines of grace gracious indeed.

"On one occasion Dr. Robertson was assisted at the half-yearly Communion in his church by a minister by the name of James Dunlop. It was in the days when sacramental services were brought to a close with a meeting for worship on the Monday. At that concluding service Mr. Dunlop preached from Revelation xiii. 18, his subject being 'The Number of the Beast' - 'Six hundred, threescore and six.' In the discourse he passed under review the leading theories as to who the beast was: some holding that he was Nero; others, Lateinos, the Roman emperor or race; others, Mohammed; others, Luther; other Napoleon Buonaparte; and so so. I do not know what view the preacher himself preferred.
"When the service was over, Robertson said to hi: 'Man, Dunlop, what kind of subject was that to take! It was a most unsuitable text to preach from in connection with sacramental services. But, if you would preach about the Number of the Beast, you might have found a more satisfactory explanation than any of those you mentioned. I can give you a much better theory myself.' 'What is that?' asked the other. 'It is that you yourself are the Beast, Dunlop. That is my view, and I shall prove the correctness of it. What is your name? James Dunlop. We shall put it in Latin, Jacobus Dunlopus. Take the sum of all the letters in 'Jacobus Dunlopus' that are Roman numerals, and you will find that it amounts to the Number of the Beast. Thus:
J (that is, I) = 1
A = 0
C = 100
O = 0
B = 0
U (that is, V) = 5
S = 0
Jacobus yields 106. Now take your surname, Dunlopus:

D = 500
U (V) = 5
N = 0
L = 50
O = 0
P = 0
U (V) = 5
S = 0
'Dunlopus yields 560. The total, 666; showing that you are the Beast, Dunlop!"

(From Charles Jerdan, Scottish Clerical Stories, [Edinburgh, Oliphants, 1920] Pp. 123-4)



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