Friday, February 22, 2008

Preaching this coming Lord's Day

God willing, this coming Lord's Day I shall be preaching once more at the New Life Bible Presbyterian Church, Queen's Park, London. The church building is located on Salusbury Road, next door to the public library. Services are at 11.00 in the morning and 4.00 in the afternoon, with a fellowship meal between the two.
THe building is the old St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, West Kilburn, a roomy late Victorian chapel built, we surmise, for the religious needs of wealthy Scots living in the Queen's Park area.



Blogger Jonathan Hunt said...

You DO get around. You must be the best connected fellow in the land!

8:25 pm  
Blogger Highland Host said...

Not at all. I just have a few connections in a few parts of England.

5:01 pm  
Anonymous said...

Dear Gervase i hope you have a Good dat tomorrow on the Lords day as you preach at Bethel Chapel in Gilford. speak to you soon yours in his true Grace of our Lord
from William P Wilson.

4:44 pm  

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