Wednesday, October 24, 2007

'Christ Shall Be Magnified:' Mrs. Laura Thomas IV

As Mrs. Thomas, Laura Blagdon faced a life unlike anything she could have expected growing up. She learned Welsh, for the chapel whose pastor she had married was a Welsh-language church. As pastor's wife, she threw herself into theduties of a pastor's wife, her new role included home visiting and teaching at the Sunday School. She learned Welsh enough to be able to read the Bible aloud in Welsh.

Noticing a lack of Bibles in the possession of the poor, she arranged, in 1854, a survey of the town of Carmarthen to work out how many Bibles there were in the town, while collecting money from the poor as a contribution towards Bibles for the poor.

As Pastor's wife, she was often solicited for aid by the poor members of the congregation. One of these was a young man who was leaving the town to seek his fortune, but was too poor to afford a suit of clothes to wear at chapel. After consulting with her husband, she gave the poor youth his best suit, which went down very well at the new chapel.

She took a large class of girls in the Sunday school, which she taught with great enthus iasm, going out into the countryside to seek botanical speciments in order to have new illustrations for her classes. The love for the Word of God which had sent her on her wanderings did not die.
She was unable to complete her labours among the poor of Carmarthen, for in 1856 her husband was invited to become pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church, Cardiff.



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