Tuesday, October 23, 2007

'Christ Shall be Magnified:' Mrs. Thomas III

Despite her father's actions, Miss Laura Blagdon felt she had to write, telling him of her decision to be baptised. No reply to this letter survives:

"[...]The rite was to have been in the river, only the crippled woman begged for the baptistry, otherwise the pastor greatly prefers the former, and it is more agreeable to Scripture. Oh! you cannot conceive, or I tell, the joy with which I looked forward to the blessed occasion, and and for Jess [her sister], at first a little nervous, her courage rose to a great height and heavenly pleasure. The services are all Welsh, but ... in the future there will always be some English."

Her own baptism she described in ecstatic language:

"Sight almost failed me, and I saw no man save Jesus only. Friendly arms I felt, but saw not; strong courage came down from on high; and, as I stepped down into the waters, they felt warm and delicious. The kind pastor whispered, 'Don't be anxious now - be very calm;' and then stayed a few moments to still the gasping, and then the same sweet words [of administration], though I heard them not. Oh, I felt that I was nigh God! - and my flesh trembled, though my spirit deeply, yet awfully rejoiced! I heard music - my eyes closed; and then, so gently, so slowly, I sank into my Saviour's grave, and I felt the waters closing and gurgling over my face - how I rose I know not. Vital warmth never forsook any of us, and we only grieived this blessed heavenly season was over. Blessed! - aye, more blessed, more joyful, more glorous, more heavenly, than any day which has dawned on any of us. My dear father, any you soon have the like, and then I have wished you all I can on earth. Oh, do search the New Testament, and not man's traditions - venture at the bidding of Him, who really died for you, and rose again for you, and prove your love to Him as powerfully as His is so powerfully revealed to you. Please let m darling sisters read this, which has cost me an immense effort to write; it has become a task too great to be silent."

Her baptism was not the only great event in her life at this time. Soon afterwards Mr. Thomas began to pay court to her, and on 13 September, 1852, Miss Laura Blagdon married Pastor Nathaniel Thomas. It was a union that was to last for the rest of her life.



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