Friday, January 19, 2007

Preaching this coming Lord's Day.

This Lord's Day I am due, God willing, to preach at Salhouse Baptist Church in the Norfolk Broads. Above is a map of Salhouse, reminding me how to get to the chapel. Services are at eleven in the morning and two-thirty in the afternoon. Salhouse is a historic Particular Baptist Church in Rural Norfolk that still proclaims the Gospel it was founded on. For which we all ought to be glad.

Last Lord's Day I was preaching at Bethel Chapel, Guildford, a small Strict Baptist Chapel in the city centre (and a gem of Edwardian architecture, built 1910, see picture). AlthoughBethel is located almost directly across from Chertsey Street Baptist Church (the Old Baptist Chapel, as I've heard it called), Guildford's a big place, well able to support several churches. Bethel has a small, mostly elderly congregation, who are commited to the church and the Gospel. Services are at eleven in the morning (there is a prayer-meeting at ten that is well attended) and six in the evening. The evening service is followed by fellowship in the house next door to the chapel.



Blogger Fred Butler said...

"preahing?" Is this a British thing?


7:14 pm  
Blogger Highland Host said...

Sorry, I was in a hurry

12:01 pm  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

So how did the time go, brother?

2:10 am  

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