Monday, January 08, 2007

Honourable Mention

Taking a short break from D. R. Davies, but continuing on the theme of the rise of liberalism in the Welsh theological colleges:

It has long been the practice of theological colleges to send their students out to preach on Sundays in different chapels. The South Wales Baptist College in Cardiff (pictured) is one such institution. Founded on the Word of God, it has been taken over by liberalism. As this was happening, so the students began to subtly preach another gospel.

One Baptist Church in the South Wales valleys held fast to that which is good. The deacons, seated in the 'Sedd Fawr' (big seat) in front of the Pulpit, there to support the preacher with prayer and exhortation, werre converts from the Revival of 1904-5. They would listen to the morning sermon of the student, and if he did not preach the Gospel of Christ, they would pay him and send him home there and then. The evening sermon would be the Gospel.

We must not be ashamed of the Gospel, nor should we be ashamed of defending that Gospel. Liberalism triumphed because good Christians did not guard pulpits.


Blogger Jenson's Blog said...

I think my father-in-law, graduated from that college. But even those days (1950s?), it was going downhill, theologically.

Thankfully, the Lord kept him and he went on to be one of the Lord's undershepherds for the next 35 years. Still going on even today, as a laypreacher.

The maxim, "It is not how you start, but how you end the race..." holds.

9:18 am  
Anonymous Peter Idris Taylor said...

I wish you well with your studies. Blanket claims should be avoided unless clear evidence is produced. Claims, such as the one you made about the South Wales Baptist College, should be verified and referenced. I was a student there in the 1970's and I, for one, am grateful for the Biblical integrity of the studies under Dafydd G. Davies and for the opportunities I was given to hone my preaching skills in the Chapels of South Wales through the College. I continue to endeavour to be true to the Word and responsive to the intimacy of the Holy Spirit through my life and preaching.

Revd. Peter Idris Taylor, MA, DPS. (Pastor and currently a candidate for the Doctorate in Theology & Ministry at Kings, London)

1:14 am  

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