Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday Quote - I.

We are starting a new Free St. George's regular feature - the Monday Quote. Something inspiring from the Free St. George's Library. An inspiring, faith-affirming quote from Scottish Church History.

"So far from finding any kind of contrast between love and propitiation, the apostle [John] can convey no idea of love to any one except by pointing to the propitiation - love is what is manifested there; and he can give no account of the propitiation but by saying Behold what manner of love. For him to say 'God is love' is exactly the same as to say 'God has in His Son made atonemennt for the sin of the world.' If the propitiatory death of Jesus is eliminated from the love of God, it might be unfair to say that the love of God is robbed of all meaning, but it is certainly robbed of its apostolic meaning. It has no longer that meaning which goes deeper than sin, sorrow, and death, and which recreates life in the adoring joy, wonder and purity of the first Epistle of St. John"

James Denney 'The Death of Christ' (Fifth edition, London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1905) P. 274



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