Saturday, September 30, 2006

A word on the 'Churches' links.

The churches linked in the sidebar are a real mixed bunch. Most of them are there for one of three reasons:
1. I have a personal connection with them. Either I have been there to preach or just to worship, or I know the pastor/someone who goes there.

2. Reformed churches. The list is not intended to be exhaustive, and one or two are there just because they had websites and the church I was looking for doesn't.

3. Why not? This covers everything else.

The presence of a church, and especially a denomination, website in the sidebar does not constitute an endorsement of every, or indeed any, aspect of the church's life and worship. They vary enormously in terms of Bibler version, worship style, and even theology (the Wesleyan Reform Union are not exactly Calvinistic, for example). There are also churches NOT linked in the sidebar (because they have no websites) that we approve of completely.

So, if you should go to one of these churches and be horrified by the 27-piece rock band on the platform and the inclusive-language Bible version used, don't blame us.


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