Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Marcus Dods - Victorian Emergent? II.

[Note: My recent absence from this blog is due to a preaching engagement last Lord's Day at Witton Chapel, Droitwich Spa. I traveled there by train, necessitating one day to get there (Sat.), one day to get back (Mon.) and one day to recover (Tues.)]

In his university days Marcus Dods was an ordinary (if there be such a thing) Reformed evangelical presbyterian. The following extract from a letter is instructive:

"I am reading Bogue's essay [on the inspiration of Scripture - H.H.] just now, and intended to read Gaussen's 'Theopneustia' (which you mention) and Chalmers on the same subject. I hope with my studies I shall be able to act upon your advice, and always look for assistance from God. I have not yet made up my mind about becoming a member of the Church: in your next letter could you mention some book which would help me to prepare myself?" (Extract from letter to Rev. George Wilson, 16th November 1850)

Dods believed fuly in the traditional evangelical doctrine of providence, witing of a friend who had lost all three of his children in one month: "I had a very delightful letter from him, showing that God has been pleased to teach him that it is done by the loving hand of a Father." (letter dated 5th September 1853)

He read Calvin daily, and in one letter he criticised Sir J. Stephens for not believing in eternal punishment thus:
" But no man is without his faults, and he does not believe in Eternal Damnation. Yet he believes in Eternal Bliss, i.e., he believes that God is merciful, but he cannot believe that He is just." (letter dated 'Natural Philosophy Classroom, Pouring rain, 28th January, half-past 2 [1854]')

But after university came theological college. And that, God willing, shall be the subject of our next post here.



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My husband said he was very blessed by what you spoke on.

Glad you have recovered from the travelling.

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Thank you. I always welcome feedback from the congregations I preach to.

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