Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Death of William Cowper (By Alexander Whyte)

(This post is the result of a post on Cowper on Steve Hays' Blog)

"When William Cowper died, there came out upon his sad countenance a look of 'holy surprise.' The very last poem Cowper had composed was about himself, and he had entitled it 'The Castaway.' But, instead of being what he thought he would for ever be, a look of 'holy surprise' came out of his heart, and spread over his dead face - so abundant was the entrance that was being at this moment administered to him.

Come then, away, O downcast soul! Come away! And William Cowper, and you, and I, will one day hold a three-cornered contest in heaven as to which of us three has the most wonderful story to tell and the most wonderful song to sing. I think I know who will carry away the prize from you both.
Nay, I am sure I know! 'Of whom I am chief.'"

(The conclusion of a sermon entitled 'A Wonder in Heaven' preached in Free St. George's January 13th 1901) published in With Mercy And With Judgement (London, Hodder and Stoughton, no date) Pp. 91-2



Blogger étrangère said...

Highland Host, I wouldn't wish to sound accusatory so I'll assume it's from ignorance (which sounds er possibly worse). But hey, I popped over from Purgatorio to look at your blog, which is interesting, and noticed your Reformed churches site list! And also noticed that you'd left out several (consistently) Reformed Presby churches - I don't mean they're perfect obviously, but that they actively adhere to the WCF... EPC (though you've got it indirectly through EPCEW link) and the RPs in Ire - both have congregations in the South of Ireland, which I thought I'd point out especially given your comment on the Cork FP link!


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Blogger étrangère said...

PS apologies for off-topic comment.

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Blogger Highland Host said...

Thank you for pointing out the omission. It will be rectified.

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