Monday, September 17, 2007

'Through Many Trials' David Brown - XII

The Ord was a miserable place by worldly standards, the church and manse were in the most desolate part of the district, the congregation worldly and poor (one or the other can be more easily borne, both are extremely depressing). They were used to the sermons of 'Moderate' ministers in the parish churches, where sermons were intended to make good, honest, moral men. David Brown's preaching was different. He determined to know nothing among them but Jesus Christ and Him crucified. He came with the GOSPEL, which is nothing else than the message of Christ crucified for sinners, and he came with earnesrtness and love for men. He cared for their souls, and the message spread in the Ord.
The Ord district included part of the parish of Marnoch, where the conflict that would culminate in the Disruption of 1843 was at its fiercest. David Brown's evangelical ministry began in 1836, and the next year Rev. William Stronach of Marnoch died, precipitating the conflict in the parish between the congregation and the patron. The patron finally won in 1841, but it was a bitter victory, as all but one of the congregation promptly left. The patron did not have to sit under his appointee's ministry!
All suspicion fell away from 'Broon o' the Ord'. His patient fiancee finally found the end of her long wait and entered into marriage, and the small manse beside the chapel was to the couple like a palace. Catharine Brown (nee Dyce) was a blessing to her husband. The daughter of a prominent Aberdeen doctor, her patience in waiting until a young minister had been settled is astonishing. Her marrying a man for whom existence was still a struggle was even more so. She was used to a comfortable life, and life on the Ord could never be that. But she saw in her beloved a zeal for Christ that charmed her and led her to join herself to him so they could go to heaven together. From then until her death in 1879 she shared his trials and helped him through them all. A good wife is a gift from God, and David Brown was truly thankful for his. Often women's ministry is far less public than men's, but far, far more valuable.

God willing, next time we shall enter more fully into the ministry in the Ord.



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