Friday, August 31, 2007

Preaching this coming Lord's Day. [Updated]

God willing, I shall be preaching the coming Lord's Day at Zion Strict Baptist Chapel, Leicester. The building (as shown in our illustration) was built as a telephone repair workshop, which is why it does not look terribly chapel-like. The Church meeting at Zion Chapel is small, and reduced from about six hundred in the last century (in a bigger, older building with, we are told by a man who preached there, a most impressive organ) to a faithful few today. Zion Chapel is located on Park Hill Drive, and Services are at 10.45 in the morning and 2.45 in the afternoon.
Zion Chapel was founded in 1873 by Mr. Grey Hazelrigg, former pastor of Trinity Chapel, Leicester. Mr. Hazelrigg was pastor from 1873 to 1912. He was succeeded by Mr. T. Robbins in 1918, but Mr. Robbins died suddenly in 1920. There followed a period without a minister until the call of Mr. Champion (1924-1950), who steered the church through the war years. Owing to the design of the chapel, evening services were held in an upper room during the war, due to the difficulty of blacking out the chapel.
The old chapel was sold in 1997, when the present building was purchased and fitted up as a chapel. The upper part of Mr. Hazelrigg's pulpit was moved to the new chapel, and is still used. The new Zion Chapel has a good location, and facilities. Not only does the main chapel have plenty of seating, but there is a large vestry and schoolroom and a small kitchen, not to mention the other necessary facilities.



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