Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Donald Fraser's Preaching: The place of Christ.

Today we give you the opening part of one of Donald Fraser's sermons entitled 'In the Midst'. The text is from John 20.19 and 26.

"Some truths are central, and some are circumferential. Some people are central, and others form groups around them.
"In Christian thought, the Gospel is the central truth. In christian life and fellowship, the Christ of the Gospel is the central personality. Distrust a theology that is not Christo-centric, that has not Christ for its Sun of Righteousness in the midst, from whom grace and truth radiate, and to whom homage and faith return. Avoid any Church connection which is not Christo-centric - which is content to have the Lord somewhere within reach on an emergency, but does not form itself around Him as the indispensable Saviour. His proper place is in the midst, in the heart of the service and of the sermon, central in the assembly of the saints, with all the prayers and praises and all the joy of faith circling and twining round Him.
"There are two classes of statements in the Scripture on the Lord's centrality. One of these shows Him in the midst between the saved and the unsaved, making a difference; the other shows Him in the midst of the saved, for their union and strength and gladness."

(Our Ilustration shows Blyth Presbyterian Church, which Fraser opened)

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