Saturday, June 30, 2007

On Keys

The Rev. John Brown of Broughton Place, Edinburgh (author of commentaries on Romans, Galatians, Hebrews and One Peter) was also Professor of Exegetical Theology at the United Secession College. In his lectures he gave hints concerning commentaries - both good and bad. When lecturing on Romans he recounted an anecdote at the expense of the Unitarian minister Dr. John Taylor of Norwich. Taylor, a contemporary of John Wesley, had published a book entitled 'A Key to the Epistle to the Romans' which professed to open that book in the lowest Arminian fashion. Brown used to recite, with much enjoyment, the verdict passed on the work by an evangelical theologian of the eighteenth century: "The poor man gave the key a violent wrench, and behold it moved; but it was not the door that was opened, it was only the lock that was broken."

(From John Cairns, 'Memoir of John Brown, D.D.', (Edinburgh, Edmonston and Douglas, 1860) P. 161)



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