Thursday, May 10, 2007

Forthcoming from Christian Focus

Free St. George's are pleased to be able to announce what we hope will become an indispensible tool for preachers. Those good folk at Christian Focus Publications have got Geoffrey Stonier to take all the articles on Bible characters from the old Bible Dictionary of Professor John Brown of Haddington and collect them in a large volume with an attractive cover under the title of 'Brown's Dictionary of Bible Characters'. John Brown was one of the 'common people', and a preacher, not an ivory-tower academic, so we expect useful insights, not the dry-as-dust articles smelling of the 'Higher Criticism' that too many Bible dictionaries are full of. The subtitle promises much, 'A Preacher's Dictionary of Bible Characters'. We are all for works aimed at helping the preacher who has a congregation of simple, exercised believers and who aims at the conversion of sinners and the building up of the Church of God. We hope to be able to review this book when it comes out in July, but in the meantime will be eagerly awaiting its release.

Further details available here.



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