Monday, April 23, 2007

We recieve two awards

The Big Orange Truck has handed two meme tag awards to us here at Free St. George's. Namely the 'Thinking Blogger' award:

And the 'Oikodomeis Award':

Now, we COULD return the compliment by awarding both to the Big Orange Truck again, but that would be silly, so instead I will suggest two blogs for the Thinking Blogger award (leaving my brother in Cardiff to do the other three) and one for the Oikodomeis Award (leaving Hiraeth to nominate his own candidate).

First up for the 'Thinking Blogger', not a blog, but (as the name suggests), a blogger: Pastor Gary Brady of Child's Hill. The content here is very varied, which is one of its charms. Gary Brady is a pastor in North London. His blogs are Child's Hill Baptist Church history;
Richard Bernard, Puritan; Benjamin Beddome; Thomas Adams, Puritan Shakespeare; Heavenly Worldliness. The last, with a tremendously varied content, is his main blog. The very fact that he has produced these blogs is a reason for giving him this award.

My next candidate for this award is Rhett Kelley of Rhett's Rants. This is a blog that takes a serious (and sometimes not so serious) look at modern evangelicalism and culture from a solid Southern Calvinistic worldview. As a great admirer of the works of such Southern stalwarts as Robert L. Dabney, John L. Girardeau, Thomas E. Peck, James H. Thornwell, James P. Boyce and John A. Broadus (not to mention Professor Tom Nettles,Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Dr. Russell D. Moore and Pastor Dean Olive), I am glad to be able to say that solid Reformed theology is far from dead in the South. On a lighter note, why are Tom Nettles and Dean Olive the only men in that list with no initial in their names?

For the prestigious 'Oikodomeis Award':, I nominate

Depite causing a few problems on this computer last week (making the browser quit), Fide-O uniformly edifies AND is not afraid to take on large and contentious issues (such as the 'Common Grace' controversy. Do they need my recommendation? Probably not, but they're getting it anyhow!

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Blogger Jason E. Robertson said...

We humbly thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

12:57 am  
Blogger Rhett said...

Thank you so much! I am truly humbled. Thank the Lord: Calvinism is alive and well in Dixie!

Soli Deo Gloria!

2:51 am  
Blogger Rhett said...

Btw, I think you have just given me an idea for a new tag line for my blog header! Thanks!

3:18 am  
Blogger Highland Host said...

Always willing to help, Rhett.

11:49 am  
Blogger Scott Hill said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I've never won anything before, unless you count that free trip to Vegas at a beautiful new time share. :)

9:43 pm  
Blogger Gary Brady said...

Very grateful here too. I've been away at the Banner Ministers Conference in Leicester - the ony acceptable excuse for such tardiness on my part.

9:24 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We note in passing that the blog Rhett's Rants sudenly disapeared when it was brought to his attention that the premises he used to suppoer Calvinism also undermined the authority of the Bible. Specifically, his reants were found wantin when the question was raised about the Gnostics, St. Irenaeus, and the Council of Carhage, i.e., how you you know that the correct books are in the New Testament? So inadequate (INCOMPETANT is is a better word for it) was his argument that he was forced to the point to either admit that there were questionable books in the New Testament or that he would have to abandon the Westminster Confession. Coupled with his inability to fathom Rev. 22:19, and his inability to demonstrate that any man would ever be competant to publish a Bible because of Total Depravity, clearly with "Defenders of the Faith" like him, Who Needs Atheists?

I highly reccomend that you recind his award.

12:16 am  

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