Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday Quote: James Orr: We all have theology

"If we think about the truths of God's revelation at all, we CANNOT get rid of doctrine and theology, and it is a vain pretence of anyone to boast that he does. In public life one is familiar with the 'non-politica'l candidate. But what one generally soon discovers is, that the difference between this kind of candidate and his neighbours is not that he has no politics, but that they are confused and bad politics. Similarly, when people go about boasting that they have no theology, what is commonly found out about them is not that they have no theology, but that they have a spurious or bad theology - a theology concocted from incoherent elements gathered in from all directions, with often a very scant use of the Bible."

'Side-lights on Christian Doctrine' (London, Marshall Brothers Ltd., 1909) P. 7



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That is so true.

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