Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Faith Once Delivered: Nantlais Williams. Seven. 'Good and Faithful Servant.'

Nantlais Williams retired as Minister of Bethany, Ammanford in 1944. He had spent his working life at the Chapel. The ambitious literary minister left behind a legacywhich he could hardly have anticipated in 1900, not only in the Confession of Faith, but in a faithful Church. His Chapel had experienced several movements of the Spirit. Awakened young people from Ammanford were a driving force in the formation of the Aberystwyth Evangelical Union, while Nantlais' son, Reinallt, was a lecturer at Swansea, and a driving force in the formation of the Evangelical Union at that University. Nantlais himself was a sought-after speaker for the Welsh Evangelical Unions.

After the breaking in of the Holy Spirit in 1904, Nantlais' life had changed completely. He had been used to warn the Presbyterian Church about their slide from orthodoxy. But most importantly, he had been a faithful pastor to his flock, equipping them in days of doctrinal slackness. He died in 1959, before the final descent of his beloved Presbyterian Church into apostacy, but after seeing young people from his own church play a part in the founding of the Evangelical Movement of Wales.

Tomorrow, if the Lord wills it, we shall be starting a series on the conversion of Howell Harris.



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